Vital statistics
Age around 13 years old
Species Dingo/Crocodile mutant hybrid

Andelina is a mutant dingo-crocodile hybrid and is capable of shapeshifting into a human. She's Dingodile's sister.


She was mutated back in Crash 1 days, althought she was kicked off just like Crash for being disobedient as she would not follow orders correctly and would startle other experiments and so. Thus, she ended arriving the first island, where she met the tribesmen, and most specially, Fo-Ol, who she befriended quickly, and, in order to make the tribesmen accept her, Fo-Ol tried to turn her human, but it did not work properly, and instead she got the skill to turn from human to dingo-crocodile. Later, her brother Dingodile would find her again. Since her bond with the tribesmen had grown, to the point of being considered a princess, adopted by Papu Papu, Dingodile did not separate her completely from the tribesmen. Her life was pretty much of a free spirit, running along the islands. Since she was not an enemy to the tribesmen and she was not an enemy to the N-team. She was not even a menace to the bandicoots, so it would not give them problems. Althought at a point she was discovered to have a heart disease that needed treatment around once at month. So once at month she would be taken to the hospital where she was usually treated by Ruberta N. Ydle. This caused her to develope a big trauma and phobia towards hospitals in contrast with N. Ydle, who developed an obsessive motherly love towards Andy. Years later, during an escape from a hospital visit, she got lost in the sea and ended at Academy of Evil, where she met with N. Igma, and, with the discover of his magical powers, Andelina's curiousity towards the school awakened. This would cause her to insist with her about attending the school until he finnally let her.