He is a minion of Dr. Neo Cortex and one of his two powerful new experimental Cyborg mutants.

Info Edit

He is a colossal mutant cyborg created by Dr. Neo Cortex to help him in global domination.

He has a crab-like body with his head hidden in his red, spiky shell, with red glaring eyes. He has no legs, just a large metal extension, with a metal box with three tires, one behind it, and two on it's sides. It has two metal arms with two of his original claws, used for crushing and clamping! He is about 30-feet tall, which is probebly the biggest of Cortex's creations!

He is probably the dumbest of Cortex's creations, even dumber than Koala Kong. He can easily be tricked, but Cortex countered this by making him promise to serve only Dr. N. Gin, Dr. N. Tropy, Uka Uka, Nina Cortex, and Dr. Cortex.

Despite him being the dumbest, he is Cortex's strongest, probebly stronger than Scrapper! Despite his strength, he is incredibly slow at movement. His strength also can prove a downfall, especcially when in a cave, might cause a cave-in.

Strategy Edit

During the many levels of the game, he is the chaser in the chase levels...

In my fanfiction game, Crash Bandicoot: Revenge of Cortex, you fight him in a cave, but he has Coco in his claw. You fight him in a cave with five pillars with guns on it, he is on a lava island, where it is impossible to get him. Their are trampoline machines next to the pillars. Despite this, you cannot get on them, or Crunchy will put his claw above it, causing you to hit his claw.

He will attempt to throw rocks at you, just dodge them a number of times until he gets mad and attempts to hit you with his claw. Jump on his claw to cause him pain, making him try to heal his hurt claw, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET ON THE PILLAR! Get on the pillar, and use the gun to hit Crunchy once, but he will destroy the pillar after wards, but also causing a rock to fall and make a peice of a makeshift bridge. Repeat this untill the five pillars are destroyed and the bridge is made.

A rock will also hit his head, stunning him. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO DO THE FINAL BLOW, due to him kneeling. Once you hit his head, the battle will be over.

This is a tough battle, isn't it?