Vital statistics
Title Jagger the Fox
Gender Male
Race Mutated Fox
Faction Dr. Cortex's army of mutated animals
Health unknow
Level Jagger's ambush
Status Evil
Location N.sanity Island

Jagger is a Bounty Hunter fox, evolved by Cortex and Brio.


Jagger was evolved bye Cortex and Brio to hunt down Clash and Candy Bandicoot and capture there kids Crash, Coco and Beany Bandicoot for Cortex and Brio to mutate. After Crash first defeated Dr. Neo Cortex, saved Tawna and Coco from Cortex's flaming castle, went into Cortex's blimp. Jagger was in the blimp the whole time ready to ambush Crash. Jagger knocked out Tawna and Coco bye scaring them. Jagger tried shredding him with his knife like finger nails, but like every villain that crash fights, failed.
Big Ugly Ol Fox by Foxbane

Jagger always did lack empathy


Jagger was the 7th boss in Crash Bandicoot 1.


Crash throws a wumpa fruit at a button which causes Jagger to fall out of the blimp.


"YOU GOT GUTS BANDICOOT!!!!" Jagger yells this when he falls out of the blimp


Jagger is mentioned in Mind over Mutant.

Jagger in an unlockable racer in Crash Speedway Acceleration

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